Maintenance products

Testing and adjusting pond water. Using natural Resources To maintain a clear pond with a good biological equilibrium, you need to test the pond water regularly. The most important values are the GH, KH and pH values. It is best to adjust these values in a natural, responsible manner, for example by using one of […]

Pond maintenance

Pond maintenance throughout the seasons Looking after a pond is less work than you might expect. Once the aquatic ecosystem is functioning properly, very little maintenance is necessary – you can just sit back and enjoy your pond. Of course, you must keep an eye on the condition of the pond and, depending on this, […]

Reflecting/Modern ponds

Reflecting/Modern ponds Reflecting ponds have a sleek design and make a garden look bigger. The still water is reminiscent of a lake, providing you with a great place to sit and watch the reflection of the clouds in the smooth surface of the water. This type of pond can help calm your mind and let […]

Pond plants zone 6

Pond plants zone 6 Floating plants Simply lay floating plants on top of the water. They form roots to extract nutrients from the water and extract the CO2 they need directly from the air. Floating plants play an important role in the pond. They create shade, preventing the formation of algae. Fish like to shelter […]

Pond plants zone 5

Pond plants zone 5 Oxygen plants Plant oxygen plants in the deeper parts of the pond in zone 5. These plants are very important for water quality because they convert nutrients in the pond into oxygen. This oxygen is essential for bacterial decomposition of organic waste such as fish excrement, superfluous foodstuffs and plant waste. […]

Pond plants zone 4

Pond plants zone 4 Water lilies Water lilies take root in zone 4 of the pond and they prefer calm, still water. Their leaves provide shady areas, countering algal growth and forming a shelter for fish. During the day, the water lily is a joy to behold but the flowers close up in gloomy weather […]

Pond plants zone 3

Pond plants zone 3 Pond plants Aquatic plants grow in the deeper parts of the pond and they like to have their roots in the water. They can grow submerged up to 40 cm below the water surface. Pond baskets are also used in zone 3 to place the aquatic plants on the pond floor. […]

Pond plants zone 2

Marsh plants zone 2 Marsh plants Plant marsh plants directly over the edge of the pond in the wet bank, or the bog area. Here, the plants will have good access to pond water which will keep the soil wet. Marsh plants can grow in water up to 15 cm deep, but you will usually […]

Pond plants zone 1

Aquatic plants zone 1 Aquatic plants Pond zone 1 is for waterside plants which grow around the edge of the pond in normal potting soil. Waterside plants like the ground to be dry/moist and should only get really wet if there is very heavy rain or flooding. There is an extensive range of waterside plants […]

Natural ponds

Natural ponds A natural pond is ideal for nature lovers. It is a safe place for endangered native plants and animals. Building one of these ponds is similar to building an ornamental pond, except that it is exclusively home to native plants and animals. That is why some owners of natural ponds simply wait for […]

Pond vases

Pond vases A pond vase is just like a bunch of flowers, but different. A pond vase is a decorative glass vase or pot containing a floating plant, such as Salvinia, Pistia or Phyllanthus, or a terracotta pot containing an aquarium plant. It’s an easy way to add a mini-pond to your table, workstation or windowsill! […]

Waterfalls and streams


Waterfalls and streams A waterfall or stream in the garden is usually driven by a water pump which draws water from the pond or from a pool. You can adjust the water flow in places by introducing bends and different water levels. This is great for plants and animals. You can also create a multi-source […]

Swim ponds

Swim ponds A swim pond is intended for swimming, but it is not a swimming pool surrounded by plants. A proper swim pond should give you the feeling that you are swimming in a natural lake. Ideally, the surrounding area should be natural, although it can also be sleek and tidy, and should have waterside […]

Patio ponds

Patio ponds With a patio pond, you can create a mini pond on your balcony or patio. Patio ponds are pots, washing-up bowls, tubs or dishes which you fill with a mixed basket of aquatic plants. You can buy them ready-made from a garden centre or pond specialist or you can create one yourself. The […]

Classic ponds

Classic pond

Classic ponds A classic pond has a form that is reminiscent of earlier styles, such as Renaissance and Baroque, or Roman, Egyptian or even Persian gardens. This type of pond always has a neat, symmetrical form. It can sometimes be circular, but is usually long and rectangular. It can also be a raised basin above […]

Koi ponds

Koi ponds A koi pond gets its name from these carp-type fish. Koi can soon destroy a pond filled with water plants so you should bear this in mind when planting. The best solution is to create a separate zone where the koi cannot swim. The best depth for a koi pond is 100-120 cm, […]


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Inspiration Everything you need for your dream pond! Packed with inspiration Did you know that there are many different types of garden ponds? Every pond has its own unique characteristics. So, before you start to build a pond it is important to choose between these different types of pond. We have set out these types […]